Program Committee


Mark S. Johnson (Government)
Army Public Health Center, USA

Bob Buck (Business)
The Chemours Company, USA

Ian Cousins (Academia)
Stockholm University, Sweden

Christopher Weis (Government)
National Institute for Environmental Studies, USA

Breakout Group Chairs


Jennifer Guelfo (Academia)
Texas Tech University, USA

Steve Korzeniowski (Business)
American Chemistry Council, USA

Marc Mills (Government)
Environmental Protection Agency, USA


Amila DeSilva (Government)
Environment and Climate Change Canada

Shoji F. Nakayama (Government)
National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan

Elsie Sunderland (Academia)
Harvard University, USA


Gary Ankley (Government)
Environmental Protection Agency, USA

Roman Lanno (Academia)
Ohio State University, USA

Bradley Sample (Business)
Ecological Risk, Inc.,  USA

Human Toxicology

Alan Boobis (Academia)
Imperial College of London, UK

Stephen Roberts (Academia)
University of Florida, USA

James S. Smith (Government)
Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center, USA

Risk Characterization

Michael Dourson (Non-profit)
Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment, USA

Thorhallur Halldorsson (Academia)
University of Iceland

Andrea Hinwood (Government)
Environment Protection Authority – Victoria,  Australia