By Lisa Dunn
GQ Magazine

Why you should book a trip to Bull City this spring.

In early spring, long before New York thaws and San Francisco’s fog lifts, the magnolias take over Durham, North Carolina, covering the town in a blanket of pink petals and soft smells. The season turns the town—best known for its proximity to Raleigh and for housing Duke University—into something straight from the Pleasantville playbook. But Durham is much more than a sister city and a college town—it’s become a destination in its own right, thanks to a booming food and drink scene, a whole host of outdoorsy activities, and even a place where you can hang out with some lemurs. And with its scruffy, artistic sensibility, it’s more like a scrappy little southern Portland. But what really makes the town special is what James Beard Award-winning chef Andrea Reusing describes as the “extreme hospitality.”

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