Integrated Approaches

Should we be considering an integrated approach for the development of human health and ecological criteria?

Integrated Approaches2019-08-06T20:03:24+00:00

Critical Effects

What is the underlying evidence or support for choices of critical effect(s)? […]

Critical Effects2019-08-06T20:02:31+00:00

Toxicity Criteria

What are the toxicokinetic extrapolations (considerations of species and gender differences; approaches for animal-human extrapolation and dose response modeling considerations) we should be using in the development of the toxicity basis for criteria?

Toxicity Criteria2019-08-06T20:00:46+00:00

Exposure Assumptions

What are the appropriate choices and exposure assumptions used in deriving criteria and undertaking risk assessments considering issues such as intake assumptions, multipathways, bioaccumulation and depuration?

Exposure Assumptions2019-08-06T20:00:08+00:00

PFAS as a Group

What are some potential approaches for addressing PFAS as a group, or classes of PFAS as groups?

PFAS as a Group2019-08-06T19:58:53+00:00


How do we validate exposure and uptake? How do we consider sensitivity and uncertainty in exposure and effects assessment and how they affect the differences in jurisdictional criteria?


Measuring versus Modeling

How can we can include consideration of relationship between external exposure (e.g., concentration in drinking water or other media) and internal dose (e.g., blood serum level) of PFAS in risk characterization? Should we rely on [...]

Measuring versus Modeling2019-08-06T19:57:33+00:00
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