Characterizing Exposure

What are the key gaps in characterizing current and future exposures to PFAS from environmental contamination, product uses, and indirect exposures (e.g., dusts, textiles, paints and coatings, food item transfer)? What are issues surrounding bioavailability? [...]

Characterizing Exposure2019-08-06T19:39:53+00:00

Exposure Evaluation

What efforts might be made to address PFAS as a class or a group of sub-classes for the purpose of ecological and human exposure determination?  How can effects-based monitoring be used in PFAS exposure assessment? 

Exposure Evaluation2019-08-06T19:38:44+00:00

Bioaccumulation of PFAS

How should the issue of bioaccumulation of PFAS by human and ecological receptors be addressed in the near and longer term (e.g., empirical associations versus mechanistic models)? What research is needed to support the development [...]

Bioaccumulation of PFAS2019-08-06T19:37:08+00:00
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